translated from Spanish: Everything you need to know the new system of admission school today opened nominations for 9 regions of the country

on August 30 began a new period of application of the system of school admissions (SAE) in the country. whose implementation unifies the application to municipal and private educational institutions subsidised by means of a web platform. That day opened the nominations for the regions of Tarapaca, Coquimbo, O’Higgins, Los Lagos and Magallanes regions who already did that process in 2017 and this year extended the nomination for all the courses, from pre-k to fourth Medio.Hoy the nominations open for Arica and Parinacota, Antofagasta, Atacama, Valparaiso, Maule, Bío-Bío, La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Aysén, regions that are added to the process and that should only apply to those who in 2019 will attend pre-k, kindergarten, 1st, 7° basic and First Medio.La application is performed on the site and, the families found the relevant information about the establishment, its educational project, the rules of procedure, extracurricular activities, tariffs and other information. The guardian must register and apply for the student in order of preference, in the establishments of your choice. The allocation of quotas is carried out by means of a mathematical procedure. The agent must log into the site with your identity card and to students with their own identity and the application process will be open for 30 days for the regions that were part of the process and 22 days (until September 28) to which were added this year and for five days for its supplementary stage. Where parents reject the quota that was assigned by means of the mathematical procedure, must participate in the complementary phase of application, which will be held between 3 and 7 December.clarifying doubtsfrom the Ministry of education explained some of the most frequently asked questions of the process, including: who continue in the same institution should not apply, should do so only parents who want their children: Enter to Pre-k in a municipal or particular establishment funded, they wish to enrol them for the first time in a subsidized municipal or private establishment or those who wish to change their establishment to another that is municipal or particular subsidized. They must also participate in the process parents who want to switch their children to a private school paid, or who enter a nursery school, in a garden Junji or Integra, a special education establishment or Adultos.No education there are advantages for those who apply first, because no matter the order of arrival. Once he concludes the application process, the mathematical procedure must include all students regardless of when the application was sent to explained from the Mineduc.Otra recommendation is that parents choose the largest number of colleges that you interest, as the Ministry of education explains that the system guarantees that the applicant will be in one of their options and that strictly respects the order that ran. «As the demand for certain schools can be very high, we recommend families full of establishments that conditions which seek to apply. At least five schools, if you live in a large city or the maximum of the existing offer, if you live in a small town or a rural area. In this way increases your chances of obtaining a vacancy at this stage of the process»secured from the Ministry of education, where also recalled that a maximum limit of applications there is. Proxy enrolled foreign students who have no identity card, or whose children do not have the document, should attend attention citizen of assistance Ministry Office to obtain a provisional document with which you can perform the application on the website. Students of the newly created region of Ñuble must be bid through the Biobío region. Search your community there and choose educational institutions of their choice. Parents who do not have computer or internet access, or they have doubts about the process, they can approach one of the more than 4 thousand points of application certified by the Ministry of education in the regions that participate in the process, where there will also be facilitators trained to assist in the nominations.

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