translated from Spanish: Patricia Bullrich: “we will not leave you subdue democracy”

the economic present is going through the country is the main concern of Argentines. Before this crisis, rumors of looting shops grow considerably and safety Patricia Bullrich Minister questioned these calls.

Bullrich warned that some areas seek to generate “a kind of guerrilla warfare”, before which stressed that the Government will “act with authority” to “leave that I will subdue democracy or institutions”.

“In Argentina things have to have two concepts that go together: order and coexistence”, said the official speaking to TN.

In reference to the groups that were organized to steal in shops, he warned that the calls to looting seek to generate “a kind of guerrilla war, living everywhere to create uncertainty”.

The Argentina have answer for the people who are in a weaker position”, at the time who remarked that”the answers are not available going to break a supermarket”.

“The whole society has to know that the Government is working on the social situation of Argentines with a major effort. If some Argentine is a complex situation, it has to go. You don’t have to go to the looting, to the WhatsApp back a pointer or an attempt at destabilization”, he added.

Attacks on shops, Patricia Bullrich warned that the Government “will act with authority” and stressed: “We will not leave you subdue democracy or institutions”.

Patricia bullrich plundering economic crisis

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