translated from Spanish: Scare in the Business Conference: an elevator fell with a Minister and officials in

this morning there were tense moments after the fall of an elevator carrying the Minister of production, Dante Sica, and entrepreneurs. The fact occurred this morning at the annual Conference of the Argentina Industrial Union (UIA).

Inside the lift, in addition to music, were the Secretary of Commerce, Miguel Braun, and Secretary of entrepreneurs and SMEs, Mariano Mayer. Instead, in addition, were the former President of the UIA Adrian Kaufmann Brea, among others.

«Nothing, only happened a scare.» I hope that they do not say that we wanted to threaten Cabinet production», explained the President of the UIA, Miguel Acevedo»calming the waters»about what happened.

«A lift was closed and could not be opened», added the businessman and noted that the Unit came to «drop only half floor», but clarified that «injured there or anything close to it».

Production Minister Dante Sica, who was in the elevator | Photo: NAPor turn, partners from manufacturing central organizer of the Conference, told how officers trapped managed to escape from the elevator: «Left by levering with the help of employees of the place». 

According to the reported NA sources of the Organization, none of the 10 involved in the accident which occurred on the grounds of North Park suffered any wound.

accident in the UIA Minister production Park North

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