translated from Spanish: The day that Macri said that «eliminate ministries has no impact, do differences»

when the 10 December 2015 Mauricio Macri took the highest judiciary in the country received Cristina Kirchner 16 ministries, number which then led to 2 1, the highest of the democracy. 

The measure was criticized by some sectors that saw a contradiction in the idea of reducing the fiscal deficit, but increase the number of ministries, receiving one budget greater than the secretariats. 

CFK left: Interior, justice and transport, DD. HH, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, economy, industry, agriculture, health, science, work, education, culture, Federal Planning, defense, Social development and tourism. 

To those, Macri added the Ministry of modernisation energy, environment, communications, all dissolved half, production, the Federal system of public media and spread of inland transport. At a stage of his Government also spread Haciendas and finance, where each had a portfolio apart. 

A meeting of the Cabinet of Macri before trimming | Photo: NAEn July this year, the own Macri had said in July that that get ministries «is little cut: I save a Minister but not the Secretaries…» It has no impact». 

As reported by Infobae portal at the time, when compared with the countries of the Organization for cooperation and economic development (OECD) the President showed that everyone has, more or less, the same number of ministries. 

In little more than one month Macri changed his mind, everything in the middle of the biggest crisis of his Government, which leads to wonder if the changes were the product of his conviction or as all of its last actions, tried to send a message to the markets. 

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