translated from Spanish: The Government presented proposals to boost the digital development of Chile

visit Protocol were representatives of Microsoft to the President Sebastián Piñera in the Palacio de La Moneda. There, delivered to the President the document «Chile Digital 2018-2022», which considers proposals to expedite the digitization in our country, promoting the use of the cloud, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and education as pillars of the digital transformation.
The Microsoft Latin America President, Cesar Cernuda, was accompanied by the director of Legal Affairs for Microsoft Latin America, Robert Ivanschitz, and by the general manager of Microsoft Chile, Sergio Rademacher.
«For Microsoft, the fourth Industrial Revolution is creating a transformation in a comprehensive way in the organizations, both private, public, or non profit, where technology is playing an important role in their daily activities,» said after the meeting Cernuda.
Also added that «we are convinced that technologies such as cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a powerful force capable of creating interesting opportunities in the region and in Chile, where the it market is predicted to continue to grow and there is a» Advanced innovation ecosystem».
The document «Chile Digital 2018-2022» considers four areas of cooperation which could hold the digital development at the local level: the inclusive access to technology and digital economy as an engine for inclusion; the development and utilization of Artificial Intelligence; the privacy and security of information, and governance and Government as a technological leader.
The first pillar, inclusive access to technology, proposes to carry out a plan to make all children to learn programming and computer science, with a focus on women and those who have more difficulties and thus no child or young person is left behind. About artificial intelligence, Microsoft suggests actions such as the creation of a legal framework to regulate and incorporate this new technology to take advantage of its potential. In addition, the promotion of Chile as a Hub of IA through its development and implementation in strategic areas such as citizen service, education, security and some productive sectors.
In terms of information security, aims to equip the new national cybersecurity agency with clear legal powers on fundamental matters, such as the reporting of incidents of security and the necessary coordination with the private sector, between others.
Finally, in public management are proposed several initiatives, such as make arrangements for efficient public management, wherever the Government technology leader. This would be achieved by ensuring a reliable, robust and secure infrastructure for the public sector, through the adoption of a «cloud first» policy based on standards and certifications, detailed document.
Microsoft mission «is to help individuals and businesses to achieve more. The opportunity that gives us the cloud, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of things to modify production processes, business models, jobs, experience as human beings; and as a society, the world as we know it. This opens up many opportunities for the development of our country and of any organization, including Governments from around the world, requiring innovation to be digitally transformed», said Rademacher.

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