translated from Spanish: David Beckham presented her new team: Miami Inter

after an intense four-year struggle since it announced its project in the city of Miami, David Beckham took the first step to introduce his team in society and ma did nothing s and no less with the official logo of the “Club football of Miami International”, which explained the choice.

With black colors and details in a pink tone, the shield in the form of circle contains the name of the team and in the Center two features behind city birds are drawn and facing different sides. Said the former player of the English selection, they looked for characteristics of the South American soccer for its creation.

“Have always attracted me the old shields of South American football and is something that felt that we had to incorporate because we are a new team but in a city with lots of history, and that is what we wanted to create,” said Beckham in one of his presentations.

In other publications, provided further details of the venue that will include Inter of Miami in the United States, with a field that will have lower football divisions, seeking to become one of the institutions the M models Major League Soccer (MLS), from 2020, when it starts to compete in the first division of States Unidos.La city has also has revolutionized with the presentation of the team, that even the own local newspaper, Miami Herald, devoted the front page of your version printed to the coat of arms of the new club, with a fully pink background, which has been celebrated by the former Manchester United and Real Madrid in their networks.

Miami beckham mls football team

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