translated from Spanish: Peruvian authorities ordered DNA testing to Chilean couple who tried to remove two babies

the Peruvian Justice ordered a DNA test to Rosa Madueño and José Tovar, Chileans under investigation for trying to get two newly na acid of Lima, which allege are his biological children, though they were conceived through a womb for rent. The decision was taken by the corporate special prosecutor in crimes of trafficking of people, following a request from the public defence of the Ministry of Justice and human rights; and after the woman who rented the belly declare in favour of marriage. “The public defence of the MinjusDH requested this review with the aim of protecting minors. The results will be very important, because they will help to clarify the facts.” With the completion of the test is may determine that Chileans are the parents of twins M.T.M.y R.T.M., identified them. Children stay in a hostel of the National Family Welfare Institute since the couple was arrested at the international airport of Lima and sent to pre-trial detention for twelve months until it is determined if they incurred or not in the offence of trafficking of people or they are part of an international network. According to authorities, the detention was carried out once they are hearing certain irregularities in the information provided by Madueño and Tovar, when they wanted to return to Chile with babies in arms. The Ombudsman considered, however, that the marriage has not committed any crime so far, and that their testimonies on the method of conception through surrogate motherhood agrees with the tests that have been collected. Meanwhile, the Judicial power of Peru recalled through their official accounts that surrogate motherhood “is not prohibited by law”. This could exonerate the citizens of Chile of a sentence that would be beyond the 20 years.

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