translated from Spanish: VIDEO total destruction in Japan after earthquake of 6.7; 9 dead and 30 missing

Japan.-a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.7 on the Richter scale today shook the Japanese Hokkaido (North) Island early in the morning and caused at least nine dead and 30 missing, when Japan was still rebuilding the devastation caused by a powerful typhoon.

【ニュース特設:北海道 震度6強】NTT東日本は、北海道内にあるおよそ5800台の公衆電話すべてを無料で使えるようにしているということです。 ライフラインや生活・支援など関する情報は特設ページで速報しています。— NHKニュース (@nhk_news) September 6, 2018 earthquake shocked the residents of the island to the 3.08 local time (18.08 GMT Wednesday) with its epicenter about 40 kilometers deep in the East of the l ocalidad of Atsuma, the most punished, where the majority of the dead, has been reported in press conference Minister spokesman of the Japanese Government, Yoshihide Suga.Lee also: powerful quake in Hokkaido, Japan, caused 7 deaths and deslavesEl Quake reached in this town of about 4,600 inhabitants the 7 maximum level Japanese seismic scale (focused on measuring the shaking of the Earth’s surface), and caused avalanches of Earth that buried a score of houses in this mountainous island. Although the central Government has not offered figures of missing or injured before the “great amount of unclear information”, local authorities encrypted in 31 the number of missing and 300 the wounded, as he picked up the public broadcaster NHK.

some 21,000 effective working today in the work of rescue and search, including 4,000 members of the self-defense forces, a number that the Executive wants to increase up to 25,000 to double efforts and prevent the largest number of potential victims. Fifty helicopters came to the aid of people who had been trapped, and State media broadcast all day pictures of vehicles devoured by mud, cracked roads and belongings scrambled in the interior of housing. Read also: reported 20 missing after earthquake in Japan “had never experienced an earthquake as well”, said a resident of 87 years of Atsuma, epicentre of the earthquake, in statements to the local agency Kyodo, while a woman told state television his confusion in the darkness of night and the shock to see the “unimaginable” landscape from the outside after the quake. It is the first time that an earthquake in Hokkaido reaches such intensity since the country revised its seismic scale in 1996.El earthquake promptly left the island without power, while the 2.95 million homes and establishments that followed today without supply mid-afternoon they are recovering it progressively, said Japanese spokesman.

the power cut was caused by the automatic shutdown of the thermal power plant of Tomato in Atsuma, which produces around half of electricity throughout the prefecture. The blackout, the largest since the great Hanshin than in 1995 earthquake left 2.6 million homes without light, affected in addition to 80 hospitals, telephone services and television. The Government has requested to save energy to the population and has requested help to the Tokyo Electric Power Electric and Tohoku Electric Power to mobilize emergency generators to hospitals affected, as expected that the full restoration the supply until a week later. The Tomari nuclear power plant was temporarily interrupted their external power supply and emergency power system was activated to keep refrigerated spent Atomic fuel stored in pools, but not Japanese nuclear regulatory It detected abnormal radiation levels. The earthquake also caused road cuts, suspension of Shinkansen (high speed), and local rail services connecting Hokkaido to the main island of the Japanese archipelago, the metro and the closure of New Chitose international airport.

the Japanese Meteorological Agency has warned of the risk of landslides and rockfalls of Earth, and the possibility that there is a replica of the earthquake of similar intensity in next week, most likely in two or three days. Until the 18.34 local time (9.34 GMT) the JMA had posted 71 aftershocks, some of which exceeded the 4 and 5 degrees Richter.
authorities have asked the people to remain alert, because rains are forecast for the afternoon of Friday and Saturday. Tremor occurs just two days after the step Tuesday by the Western region of the archipelago of the Typhoon Jebi, the most powerful in touch ground in the Asian country in 25 years, which left 11 dead and hundreds of heridosEn this note:

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