translated from Spanish: Austerity in the Senate only by one day; snacks and hostesses return home

Mexico austerity in the Senate only by one day; return the snacks and hostesses photography / Internet Mexico.-on his first day of austerity, the Senate removed snacks and hostesses, responsible to the legislators. However, after the “inconveniences” that passed, it was decided to replace food service when the session exceeds 15:00 hours.
The first day of the plenary session of the legislature, Senators “starved” in plenary. The session lasted for nearly seven hours, so it broke the meal schedule.
It was reported that the service of hostesses, after which Senators recalled their own service, will return which hampered the 25 central rows had difficulty to navigate all the seats to get out by water or coffee.
Ricardo Monreal, Coordinator of Morena in the Senate, said: “on the hostesses and waiters, are going to make an effort so that service, unless the day of the session, you can secure, for attention to Senators and Senators”.
It should be recalled that in the old legislature 3.8 million pesos were paid by salaries of only 6 hostesses.
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