translated from Spanish: Chiqui Tapia defended Lionel Messi: “At no time told not to selection”

“I share his absence because it is not time to involve him, he must be given the necessary tranquility. In the world of Russia we carry it responsibilities and not okay. And when one believes it is appropriate, talk to him,”began his explanation Claudio Tapia.

The President of the Argentine football association made it clear that, for the moment, Lionel Messi does not think a waiver to the national team, beyond the blow suffered in Russia and the output of some of the figures that has shared its best moments visti Endo that shirt.

Tapia denied that Messi has renounced the selection. Photo: NALuego that will close the Argentine participation in the World Cup, Messi withdrew and leaned on his family vacation. While several of his companions published messages in the networks, it decided to silence and not express anything about. “We must leave to remove the anger because security thought was her world,” said Tapia, who explained about his absence from the team.

“At no point said no to selection, because it was not called”, he said, and underlined that the fact of not being present in the United States tour occurred after a talk that kept the crack of Barcelona with coach Lionel Scaloni He decided to take beginners players mostly.

Leo Messi was not part of the first citation after the World Cup. Photo: Last NAPor, Tapia turned to surrender to this generation: “has given us a lot. They gave the face when many leaders did not give it. We must start from scratch. We have to have the humility to recognize that we are not the number one. You have to work here to ten years to be back”.

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