translated from Spanish: Died Fabián Tomasi, former sprayer victim of the agrochemicals

then several years of struggle against the pesticides, died Fabián Tomasi, who was for several years a severe metabolic toxic Polyneuropathy, which would you ca used a part of the nervous system dysfunction.

Tomasi is the protagonist of the book “Envenenados” by journalist and writer Patricio Eleisegui. The man’s death took place this Friday morning at the hospital de Basavilbaso, where he was interned several days.

Sad news | Photo: Former TwitterEl sprayer had begun to work with agrochemicals in 2005 for a company of aerial spraying, and his task, as he himself told in several interviews, was to open containers containing chemicals — among which were glyphosate-, Tip it into a container of 200 litres of water, and send it through a hose to the aircraft so that it sprayed fields planted with soybean.

In another interview: “it was summer, we worked on leg and no shirt, and we ate sandwiches de miga under the shadow of the plane that was the only shadow that had been on the tracks in the middle of the improvised. “The single statement that I received was always do so against the wind, so the gas does not affect me”.

Fabian Tomasi between pesticides rivers

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