translated from Spanish: Do you would do a tattoo for free pizza for life?

the pizzeria Domino´s in Russia launched a promotion that consisted in the following: who is tatuara the logo of the company (with permanent ink) and share it on social networks would win 100 years of free pizza.

The promotion began on Friday, August 31 and the idea was to last two months, but no one contemplated that all lovers of this food to it, and there are many!

Obviously there were conditions which meet to win: tattoo was placed in “prominently” and expected the participants to share pictures of the tattoo in social networks.

In addition, tattoos would be revised to verify its authenticity, and the winners would receive a certificate of pizza’s for life but would be restricted to a limit of no more than 100 pizzas per year (over 100 years).

However, they had to put an end to promotion five days later, because in a matter of hours, the news became viral, and following days began to get images in Russian social networks users tattooed legs, b razos and other places of the body not to be outside.

“Those who have scheduled appointments for later, we recommend that cancel them”, recommended from Domino completo Russia giving ended the challenge.

Photo: Instagram #доминоснавсегдаFoto: Instagram #доминоснавсегдаFoto: Instagram #доминоснавсегдаFoto: Instagram #доминоснавсегдаFoto: Instagram #доминоснавсегда 100 years

Pizza Dominos Russia tattoo

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