translated from Spanish: Oscar Aguad, about the search for ARA San Juan: «We have many expectations»

in a conference press provided in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Oscar Aguad was expressed about the possibility of finding the submarine ARA San Juan, desapar ecido November 15, 2017 and added: «For the first time told the captain that I hope to be able to pay them because it will be a signal that we found the submarine».

«We got to a final, after having tested with another technology instance, operational search, and now this is a purely scientific search», remarked the Minister of defence, in the preview of the departure of the company Ocean vessel Seabed Constructor Infinity, with new tasks.

«We spent five months, until April, with a technology that brought the best armed of the world to find it and did not find it and starting from there with the iron will of the President (Mauricio Macri) find it did the hiring, in May we had» ready tender, there were administrative problems, had set aside and we did another and here we are, «said Aguad.

On the other hand, the official referred to timeout taken the State to resume the search, and remarked that it was part of «a process» and understood the claims of relatives of the 44 missing crew. «Family members with their sadness and tearing of the loss have other times,» he added.

Oscar Aguad, Minister of Defense of the nation. Photo: NA «will be ten days there and then we will see how programmed (the search) with all the data we gave them and the information available.» If you can’t find what they seek in other nearby. We will have an impressive technology because they are the most modern remote control that is now in the world. They are five devices», closed the holder of the Defense portfolio.

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