translated from Spanish: Penalty highlights support to migrants; ignores abuse reports to Central America

the protection of the human rights of migrants arriving in Mexico is one of the actions noted in its sixth report the President Enrique Peña Nieto.
Although noted that recommendations of the national human rights Commission (CNDH) attended and it sanctioned officials, nothing says reports of international agencies that indicate increasing violations of guarantees from the authorities Mexican towards migrants.
In the report delivered to the Congress of the Union, the Government of Peña Nieto details that, between September 2017 to June 2018, we provided care to 620 foreign persons victims of crime in the national territory; 158 (25%) were for kidnapping, 25 (4%) for trafficking in persons, 433 (70%) for other crimes and four (1%) witnesses of crime.
However there is no mention if there was justice in designated cases, because according to the access to justice for migrants in Mexico: a right that exists only on paper, impunity for crimes committed towards this group was 99% between 2014 and 2016 When there were 5,824 crimes against migrants, of whom there were only sentences in 49 cases.
The report, carried out by organizations of migrants, founding and WOLA, points out that Mexico increased its ability to deport migrants but has not developed mechanisms to investigate the crimes committed against them.
On the migration authorities, Peña Nieto report points out that it was more attention on the supervision of the officials of the National Institute of migration (INM) serving migrants.
Of these revisions administrative disciplinary procedures were initiated 36 officers of the Federal delegations of the city of Mexico, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Baja California and Nuevo Leon.
In addition, the report of the federal Government, strengthened attended eight recommendations issued by the national human rights (CNDH) Commission, to check the Commission of administrative acts of officials.
The INM received and attended 475 complaints for alleged violations of human rights.
According to the study “migration in transit through Mexico: face of an international humanitarian crisis”, published by the Jesuit migrant service (SJM) and the network of documentation of the organizations defenders of migrants (Redodem), at 41.5% of cases registered offender is a civil servant.
The INM – composed of activists – citizen Committee has documented migrant officials to punish the undocumented migrants who refuse to sign the voluntary deportation from Mexico.
They threaten them not give them food or basic medicines and personal care products.
Harden income of foreigners in its report, Peña Nieto said that it reinforced the actions to implement a policy of complementary protection to migrants and refugees.
He adds that September 2017 to June 2018, Mexican Commission for aid to refugees (COMAR) received 10,676 applications to recognize refugee status to people from 52 countries.
It was granted the status of refugee to 268 people from seven countries: Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua and Venezuela.
However, Amnesty International said that the administration of Peña Nieto has come to hide mechanisms such as the application for asylum.
In its report “facing walls: violations of the rights of asylum seekers in the United States and Mexico” the international organization points out that many asylum seekers in Mexico said that they had been returned on several occasions to their countries and that had not informed them officials of the National Institute of migration (INM) at any time of their right to seek asylum.
The human rights organization added in its report that “on numerous occasions”, people fleeing violence in the northern triangle of Central America told them that when they expressed their fear in case of return to their country, the INM agents were unaware his words and, at times, made derogatory or mocking in this regard.
Political animal documented that in recent years, the Government of Enrique Peña Nieto has toughened measures for the entry of foreigners to Mexico mostly from citizens of Colombia and Venezuela.
In the past eight years, the number of rejected spent only 444 cases in 2010, to more than 10,000 in 2017, being the citizens of the countries referred to the most affected.
This is an increase in accumulated from 2010 to 2017 of 2,283 per cent.
The main reason to keep out Latin American migrants is not for problems in your documents, but with what Mexico called “inconsistency in the interviews of filter”, a factor that began to contemplate from 2013 as a cause for rejection.
Migration agents detected “problem” nationalities, take out them of the row and take them to a room, where asked to switch off and save your phone. There they make them fill out a form. They not tell them that they have the right to a call to assistance from his consulate. In fact in these areas does not enter anyone who is not of the INM, explained the Deputy Coordinator of the advocacy of the civil organization without borders, Elizabeth Arroyo area.
Training against abuses another aspect that stands out Peña Nieto in his sixth report is the training, professionalization and awareness that have received their immigration authorities.
The sixth report notes that to prevent and address violence against migrant women and reinforce gender of public servants of the INM, 40 training events were conducted in the field of gender, with 1,724 participants.
Stresses that 495 courses were offered to officials, as well as collaborations with the embassies of EU, Canada and United Kingdom.
The INM trained 2,532 public servants on the following topics: 496 in legality and human rights; 29 in human rights and multiculturalism; 171 in zero tolerance to Sexual harassment and Sexual harassment; 546 in keys to public attention without discrimination; 272 Sexual diversity, Inclusion and non-discrimination; 496 at ABC of equality and non-discrimination; and 522 in migration and xenophobia.

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