translated from Spanish: President of Atlas explains why they not signed Mauricio Pinilla: “There were contractual issues” which were not resolved

was the signing of Mauricio Pinilla to Atlas imminent, given that Chilean striker had reached an agreement with the Mexican club, and even they had established the salary of the player. However, the operation ended up being scrapped by the cast of Guadalajara and the attacker still does not work.
And what happened? According to Rafael Márquez, sports President of Atlas, revealed everything was due to “contractual issues” that could not be resolved.
“We were in talks with the player and his representative, but in the end there were contractual topics that Pinilla, and his agent did not meet and that’s why at the end stop of your choice,” said the official.
According to El Mercurio, the legal conflict that Pinilla keeps with the U and the possibility of going to trial with Colón de Santa Fe, he recorded that he could have postponed his debut in Mexico, something ended up affecting their future employment.
“They traveled thinking that it could release, resolve their legal issues, but could not do it at the end of accounts,” they said.
“We made the decision to not continue to negotiate with the player, clearly their contractual issue… His signing was not a ‘panic buying’, of breaking. It was not the only option and that his move was not closed,”they said.

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