translated from Spanish: A woman said that their selfies saved it from death

technology invaded our lives and, for some, the selfies are part of a daily process. This time, a woman noticed something in a series of selfies taken later of rise.

The incident took place in Michigan, United States, where Juanita Branch lived a situation that few can count.

“I decided to get up and get me some selfies to update my Facebook profile,” said Branch. But seeing their catches, noticed that something was not well: “They were increasingly worse”, he said and wondered what was happening. 

To go to the mirror to see, she noticed that one side of his face was dropped. At that time I was concerned and began to get ready to go to a hospital, but her symptoms began to worsen.

When the ambulance arrived, Branch couldn’t speak.

The doctors asked him what he was doing when noticed unemployment: its morning selfies had saved her life. 

In the hospital he was told that if they had spent a couple of hours without receiving medical assistance, the cardiovascular accident would have been terminal.

Juanita Branch had suffered a principle of LCA in 2016 and that recognized the symptoms, but said that this time it was worse.

“I’m going to laugh at people who removed selfies, because that picture of truth saved my life,” mused Branch days after the episode.

Original source in Spanish

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