translated from Spanish: A year of the earthquake of 19-S remember victims in Morelos Cuernavaca, Morelos.-

next September 19, a year of the earthquake that struck at Morelos, will take place the hoisting of the flag at half-staff in memory of the people who lost the life.
Meanwhile, a Las 13:16 hours will be macro drill, an exercise that will be at the national level, said the general director of the State coordination of Civil protection in Morelos (CEPCM), Francisco Javier Bermúdez Alarcón.
In press conference, he indicated that these activities have been invited to educational institutions, shopping malls, offices, hospitals and industries for joint activities of protection.
He mentioned that during exercise will simulate an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 degrees with its epicenter in Acatlán de Osorio, Puebla, in order to continue strengthening response capabilities in the population before the occurrence of this type of phenomena.
For its part, the personnel director of the Institute of basic education of the State of Morelos (Iebem), Blas Eduardo Ruiz Ramírez, reported that the school community, in coordination with the advice of Social participation in education of each of the campuses education, will be added to the macro simulation activities.
Said that so all students to participate in this activity, determined that in the schools will be two drills that are carried out, for the shift morning school will be at 10:00, while for the evening will be held at 14:00 hours.
He recalled that on September 19, 2017 left a deep footprint for the education sector faced situations which were not accustomed to school communities.
Ruiz Ramirez pointed out that the State has registered three thousand 350 properties between schools and offices, of which two thousand 300 are public, and mil 150 are private, with a total of 388 thousand 800 students.
Finally, Bermúdez Alarcón appealed to the population to strengthen the culture of civil protection within their areas of work, schools or in their homes, because it is a shared responsibility.
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