translated from Spanish: Bravo! Alfonso Cuarón WINS MAX Award in Venice Film Festival

“I wanted to return to Mexico to make the film that I’ve dreamed of”. So in resounding Alfonso Cuarón was ended when the film of “Rome”, which today won the Oro León Venice, granted by the jury chaired by his friend Guillermo de el Toro. Read more: film “Rome” from Cuaron, favorite at Venice Festival Venice/AFP Un award which recognizes the more personal draft Cuarón and one that most headaches has given because in addition to the complexity of a film that had to recreate cad millimetre from the memories of his childhood, the fact to be produced by Netflix away you from the possibility of competing at Cannes. Read more: Alfonso Cuarón presents raw short unique Alfonso Cuaron/EFE his disappointment has been now transformed into joy by unanimous applause in Venice critics and the public to a risky film that sums up all the keys in your filmogra trusts. With only eight feature films to his credit, the Mexican filmmaker and his friends Alejandro González Iñárritu and Guillermo de el Toro, are representatives of cinematography that has swept awards in recent years. The three have built their careers alternating more small projects, usually filmed in Spanish, with big American productions. 


With one of these great stories, Cuaron was the first of the three to get the Oscar for Best Director, for “Gravity”, in 2014. Then it was the turn of González Iñárritu, who triumphed with “Birdman” (2015) and “The Revenant” (2016) and closed the successful Mexican Guillermo de el Toro, winner of last year with “The Shape of Water”. In Venice was the last year the first to win the Golden Lion and bull this year, as President of the jury, has given the award to his friend Cuaron, who melted into a hug on the stage of the Palazzo del Cinema. A strong triangular relationship without which the trajectory of these three filmmakers, so powerful cannot be understood visually as different in their concept of the film. If del Toro, he chose the path of fantasy and monsters, González Iñárritu was decanted by the deep stories and Existentialist reflections and Cuaron by heterogeneity in some projects that demonstrated that you dare with any style, many pushed by economic times. 

EFE although sometime he needed his friends push, and when del Toro described him as arrogant for not daring to direct a Harry Potter. The result was “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (2004), the darkest film of the saga of the boy wizard and which took more liberties with respect to the novels of J.K.Rowling. A very commercial movie that came after the success of “your mum and also” (2001), the story starring Maribel Verdú, Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, which gave final backing to Cuaron. His feature film debut was with “Solo con tu pareja” (1992), a comedy which won the award for best screenplay of the Mexican Ariel and that Sydney Pollack was fixed on it and opened the doors of American cinema. 


with their next album, “A Little Princess” (1995) already made the leap to Hollywood, a place that has been defined as a “toy factory” in which “you can live without rolling a single film, developing projects that are then not carried out”. He demonstrated his mastery in the mixture of genres, but gave a step back with “Great Expectations” (1998), a failed adaptation of the Dickens novel and a title that until he’d rather forget. Cuaron then returned to his native Mexico to shoot “and your mother also” (2001), with which won the award for best screenplay in Venice, where his male protagonists got also Marcello Mastroianni best young performer. A film that won a great impact with its raw and tender story at the same time and tone who is very familiar with the space in which wheel. 

EFE after Harry Potter decided in favor of a more personal, although within the Hollywood world project, “Children of Men” (2006), a drama about a world dystopian which was very praised by critics and with which got three nominations for an Oscar. And an Oscar, not seven, were achieved by their next album, “Gravity” (2013), while escape you the of best film for a story he wrote with his son Jonas and that got an intimate atmosphere in the middle of the space. 


After he announced his return to Mexico to work and it was hoped a personal film, but probably not as much as “Rome”, a sentimental portrait of his childhood that has led him to visit the houses of their relatives to recover furniture that lived in your home of City of Mexico. A delicate and precious film for anyone who is considered “a worker” in the film, who acknowledged last year in Cannes that for many years was linked to that industry more by necessity than by vocation. 
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