translated from Spanish: Chile will be present in Contemporary Istanbul art fair with Isabel Croxatto Galería

located at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, CI will take place in the Congress Centre and Centre for conventions and exhibitions of Istanbul. The fair brings together contemporary art galleries leaders both Turkish and international level, becoming a platform for artistic scene and an art market in full growth. In this Edition, CI will have about 80 galleries from 21 countries.
«Contemporary Istanbul continues in his thirteenth year, illuminating a focus on Istanbul as a cultural hub, with a contemporary art scene in growth. CI has had an integral role in the development of a strong local collectors market, offering a platform to present contemporary art both in the region and globally, to local and international audiences», said Ali Gureli, President of CI.
For his part, Kamiar Maleki, director of CI, adds: «this year we welcome more than 30 new galleries and other 50 exhibitors from past editions returning to CI, while we continue to provide a platform for Turkish art, both local market as international».
Presence of Chilean artists Isabel Croxatto Galería comes to IC with a curatorship that focuses primarily on Latin American contemporary art of international recognition. The proposal brings together work by artists Andrea Lería (Santiago / Barcelona, 1982), Cecilia Avendaño (Santiago, 1980), Francisco Uzabeaga (Santiago, 1978), Miss Van (Toulouse / Barcelona, 1973) and Victor Castillo (Santiago / LA, 1973). This occasion marks the debut of Andrea Lería as artist of the gallery and his first exhibition in Istanbul; in both that Cecilia Avendaño, Francisco Uzabeaga, Miss Van and Victor Castillo already have the recognition of the public of CI and his works form part of important collections of Turkey.
Victor Castillo, «Shame», 2017 each artist Isabel Croxatto Galería will present unpublished work created especially for CI. Andrea Lería, who lives and works in Barcelona, presents a series of polyptychs in oil on wood of his autobiographical project An Unfolding Portrait: Ghosts. Cecilia Avendaño, whose medium is photography, returns to Istanbul with unpublished series parts precious diseases, exploring the portrait to material and conceptual level, addressing problematic aesthetics, poetics and politics on the image. Francisco Uzabeaga, Chilean artist recognized by its particular hyper-realistic painting technique, presents works in large format which stress the defaults of the reproduced image, raising it to the level of the fine arts.
«Gipsy II» of Miss Van, 2018 Miss Van, French artist based in Barcelona, is an essential part of the movement of street art at the beginning of the 1990s. His paintings are characterized by illustrating women with animal masks, this time presenting their recent series against Roma, which consists of oil paintings on canvas. Victor Castillo – world-renowned for its own and consolidated style reference to the world of the vintage comic and TV animation of his childhood – presents a preview of his upcoming solo exhibition The Invisible Cage, illustrates where innocent characters who become war toys with irony and sarcasm. It is a description of the violence inherent in man, the hypocrisy in politics, racism and excessive greed of economic systems.
«An unfolding portrait-Ghosts (1931-2018)» of Andrea Leria, 2018 Isabel Croxatto has recently been appointed Ambassador of CI for Latin America, organizing, as one of his first actions in this role, the visit of Chilean collectors at the fair. In this regard, Croxatto says: «Contemporary Istanbul honors the historical multiculturalism of Istanbul. The richness of the gaze and the generosity, both the public specialized as art lovers who massively attend the fair, and the cultural context add value to the work of artists and galleries that converge, by opening a dialogue from all parts of the world fascinating. «I want that our Chilean collectors and are part of this phenomenon».

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