translated from Spanish: Lagos Weber by Quintero: «there is a failure of the State, issues that were not resolved in previous administrations»

cases of contamination in Quintero and Puc huncavi there is no ultimate solution, despite the efforts of the authorities. The locals blame the Government of Sebastián Piñera by poisonings which are confronted, mainly children.
But for the Senator from the region of Valparaiso, Ricardo Lagos Weber (PPD), the root of the problem comes from further back: «in Quintero, there is a failure of the State, there also are issues which were not resolved in previous administrations that I supported».
«I want to assess the decision of President Piñera go to Quintero. I know that his advisers told him ‘ don’t do it, is going to have a bad time ‘. He spent a hard time, but he did the right thing. Presidents should be where there is pain,»he added in statements to El Mercurio newspaper.
However, were not only praise: «21 days have passed and there is still no clarity on what happened. «We have seen the impoverished institutions: there is no decontamination plan, there is no information online about the emissions of the enterprises in the zone», said.
«The Minister has just announced five things that aren’t bad, but ask the Government something stronger», said.

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