translated from Spanish: Pampita Ardohain reminded white with a cute video and moved to Pico Monaco

again, on 8 September is once again a date dolora for the life of Carolina Ardohain and Benjamín Vicuña. On the day that six years of the death of her young daughter Blanca, both decided to upload images to their networks.

  Always in me a shared publication of Pampita (@pampitaoficial) on 8 Sep, 2018 at 8:13 PDT first made him the Chilean actor, where you can see the little girl playing and dancing, and where she wrote a paragraph describ Ethe going their feelings at this hard time, where it is accompanied by their loved ones.

Then it was the turn of plain did not express much. «Always in my heart», wrote the model in the publication and the emoji from a broken heart. In the video you see white in a sort of spring making faces and laughing with the recording of her mother. Far from staying outside despite the distance between them, Juan «pico» Mónaco took this with a comment without words. Tennis player came up two emojis: one of an angel and a heart, showing their support and excitement for the video of Carolina.

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