translated from Spanish: Shouts, insults and threats: Serena Williams lost the final of the US Open with scandal

in the women’s final of the US Open duel generated much anticipation among fans of tennis. On the one hand it was the multicampeona and considered one of the best in history, and on the other side the young Naomi Osaka, just 20, was years and that came from leaving behind one of the candidates for the title, on their way to history.

From the beginning, the Japanese had already seized party. With great cogency and leaving without playing Serena, he managed to stay with the first partial 6-2 and then maintain a good level in the second set. On the other hand, 23 grand slam winner couldn’t return and less even when the controversy broke.

Serena had his worst night in New York. Photo: EFEDurante the path of the ninth game, the American complained of his racket and spoke with his coach in this regard, however, the umpire interpreted that he received assistance from him, and decided to remove a point, since it is an offence in the Court and means a first warning.

At this, Serena went to the referee and began to argue strongly in the respect. «He raised me thumb and told me: go!.» I don’t do traps to win. I would rather lose. I only say it. I’ve stolen, I need an apology never I made traps in my life, I have a daughter and only do what is right. You’re a thief and a liar. I owe an apology,»shot.

The scandal took the final of the US Open. Photo: EFEAnte this case and when the younger of the Williams was preparing to take 4-5, rose le a second warning and led to the Remove of a full game, leaving the score at 3-5 and the service. Again the player complaints made the main referees to do is present in the field and continued the controversy.

Naomi Osaka celebrates his first Grand Slam of his career. Photo: EFE «are I going to remove this because I am a woman?», slipped, opening once again the gap sexist in the sport. With tears in his eyes after the ruling, Osaka managed to stay with the party and could hardly celebrate. With all kind of career, Serena was approached, charlo with 20 years small and then continued their complaints.

By the side of the champion, it is the first time that a player of such nationality does stay with a Grand Slam. With the support of their families present, Naomi erupted in emotion in the arms of their parents. Serena, on the other hand, will continue their struggle for the scandal at Flushing Meadows.

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