translated from Spanish: Storm Florence will turn into Hurricane this Sunday

Miami-Florence, which was downgraded Friday to a tropical storm, will be strengthened in the following hours to become a hurricane and even next week one of higher category, reported Saturday the National Center of hurricanes (NHC) of States Unidos.Florence load maximum sustained winds of 110 km per hour and will have a “gradual strengthening” to become new hurricane possibly tonight and reach at the beginning of next week category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson, i.e. a higher category Hurricane scale.

Illustrative photo: EFE the tropical storm, which is on alert to the southeast of U.S. authorities, is a 1,120 kilometers northeast of North of the (Lesser Antilles) Leeward Islands and 1.305 kilometers southeast of Bermuda, the NHC said in its newsletter in evening. The system, which is in the middle of the Atlantic does not represent risk to populated areas, has reduced its displacement in the last hours until you reach the 7 km/hour with West and is expected to maintain this path over the weekend. Expected then a turn toward the West-Northwest, accompanied by an increase of the speed of their movement.
“In the predicted path, the center of Florence will move over the southwestern Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas, on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday will be close to the southeast coast of the United States,” said the NHC, with headquarters in Miami.

Florence was the first hurricane of category mayor that was formed in the current hurricane season of the Atlantico.los American meteorologists predicted on August 9 a season of hurricanes in the Atlantic 60% below normal. 

The forecast of the national oceans and atmosphere (NOAA) expects five hurricanes in the Atlantic basin and only one of the most destructive categories. Seven tropical storms, of which Beryl, Chris and Florence became hurricanes have formed in the current Atlantic hurricane season.
In this note: Florence will be strengthened Hurricane this Atlantic Sunday

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