translated from Spanish: The BBC journalist who died of cancer reached to tell her friends how to dress at his funeral

BBC, Rachel Bland, a journalist who died last Wednesday after announcing that he had only days of life in rede social s, reached to give «instructions» to his colleagues and friends how to dress the day of his funeral.lee also: BBC journalist dismissed by social networks to know that you are only days old.lee also: died the BBC journalist who had been dismissed from his audience because he had little time. The announcer for 40 years learned last May that her breast cancer had won the battle and there was nothing to do. Deborah James and Lauren Mahon formed a podcast «You, Me and the Big C (Cancer)», program which now continues without her. The last time the three were was in mid-August to record in the Studio which would be the last program. Mahon told «The Telegraph» which at that time, Bland said: «remember: sunglasses Gucci, (broad and loose wing) floppy hat and black». One of the friends joked and said: «Ok, we are under strict orders». When Rachel said goodbye to the world via social networking, Mahon commanded a text jokingly and using black humor that Rachel knew very well.» Told, Rachel, I’ve been on vacation for two days and you you’re dying, and she told me ‘I know it, I didn’t want to tell you’ (…) I know that Rachael had a good death and that is all he wanted for her,»finished her friend. Bland fought breast cancer for two years, leaving a son of two year, Freddie.

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