translated from Spanish: To prepare this weekend: bars of seeds and fruits dried

If this weekend prefer to stay at home, we suggest you put hands to work and you “stockees” of this healthy snack for the entire week.

“These bars are super nutritious and ideal to take to work or to school”, says chef Pablito Martin in his book “The evolution of the kitchen” and recommended us to buy granola that is not fried Cereal flakes.

SEEDS and fruit bars SECOSFoto: book the evolution of the cocinaVas need: 200gr granola organica4 tbsp. coconut rallado2 tbsp. well dura2 tbsp organic honey. integral sugar how you prepared? 1. In a saucepan, over low heat, place all the ingredients and mix well to incorporate them.
2. Pour the mixture in a rectangular dish, cover with film or silicone paper and crush well. The idea is that a layer of 1.5 cm high is. Leave it to cool.
3. Cut sticks the size you prefer and enjoy!

of the book “The evolution of the kitchen” of Pablito Martin – Urano publishing recipe gastronomy

Pablito martin granola cereal bars

Original source in Spanish

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