translated from Spanish: Came the better times: protagonists of controversial Evangelical Te Deum of last year working for Piñera’s Government

September 16 is r ealizara the traditional Evangelical Te Deum. For the occasion, President Sebastián Piñera is present in the Evangelical Cathedral expected.
But it is not the only one who will be present. It will also host the event: Bishop Eduardo Durán Castro. Duran was the protagonist of the last Te Deum, when Michelle Bachelet was still President. On that occasion, he along with other religious questioned the administration of then-President.
The presence of Duran bothered to Pinera, as he is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office of high complexity of the area East, who opened an investigation to determine possible offences of laundering of money or tax violations. This, by its high net worth close to $1152 million.
DURAN is not the only one who is reunited with Pinera, since other members who were also in the controversial Te Deum of last year, will once it again see. As the pastor Patrick Moya, Executive Secretary of the National Council of Evangelical churches, and who was one of which launched criticism on the Te Deum to Bachelet’s Government. Moya situation changed with the arrival of Piñera, since he was hired by the Government.
Moya – who said that time that “not been urgent laws for the real needs of the people” – was candidate for Councillor of Pudahuel in 2012 by RN. And several on the left say it is close to the former Mayor Luis Plaza. Currently, appears from June 18 hired fees as “expert” in the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres) – which Gonzalo Blümel (Evopoli) leads – with a remuneration of $1.032.355 and a “professional qualification or” training”of”Secondary education license”. All this, according to the record appearing in the transparency of the Segpres portal.
Moya was not the only one who was hired by the Government. The director of communications of the Council of Evangelical churches, Cristian Nieto, is currently working to fees, since April 16, at the Institute of Social Welfare (IPS), agency under the Ministry of labour and Social Welfare, headed by Nicolás Monckeberg (RN). In the past, it was a of RN for Cerro Navia candidate in 1997 and advised Augusto Pinochet Hiriart during the period in which the father of the latter was detained in London.
According to information from the portal of transparency in that unit, grandson, with the profession of journalist, exercises the function of “advising the Assistant Director of services to the client and to the different areas of the Department in the process of continuous improvement of management in different areas with a focus on the improvement of the citizen service”. This, with a monthly salary of $3.333.333.

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