translated from Spanish: Chantal Gayoso following elimination of Red: “I was in shock, there are moments that I remember very well”

the former participant of “Red, the color of talent”, Chantal Gayoso, broke the silence after being eliminated the program and about the hard c riticas received by their unexpected escape while they were live.lee also:Chantal Gayoso was removed from red and his attitude was severely criticized on social networks. Ballerina not said goodbye to his companions, his coach, nor of the public when he learned that it was the deleted new, but he left the stage quickly without either to greet fellow who won the chapter.” I was not angry. It was a very strong story, nor is nothing against my mate or Nicole, because I do not desmerezco your work. She is a great dancer. Sure that all those who have been in the rank of removal have felt the same”, he told Lun.Gayoso, that it is now candidate to be Queen of the fatherland, said that after the show he spoke with fellow and all is well. “I was calm, I was always honest with them and they perceived it.” “For the Ballerina the moment that many described as a”lack of respect”and”humbling”to leaving without saying goodbye, not even clearly.” Be in the rank of elimination is a pressure indescribable, very strong, a moment that does not give it to anyone. After the last vote I felt in shock, even there are moments that I remember very well because it is part of the pressure.” On criticism and negative comments towards her, the Rancagua young with more than 80 thousand followers on Instagram, said that he prefers to stay with the hundreds of messages of affection received every day. “The vibe slips me.”

Original source in Spanish

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