translated from Spanish: Fernando Sánchez: «much of what you said Carrio is agreed with Macri»

the Secretary of institutional strengthening of the Chief of Cabinet, Fernando Sánchez, said today that «much of what you said» his political boss in the Civic Coalition, Elisa Carrió, «is agreed with the President» Mauricio Macri.

«Carrio not interested in playing for herself, in the least. If you were interested because it would have been President or member of the Supreme Court», considered the change official. 

In this regard, said that «when Lilita speaks, 10 million people, listen to her and when power says ‘ you will get against the cuerdas´, Lilita says he governs is the President». 

On the other hand, the leader of the Civic Coalition said that one of the great dramas in the country is the lack of institutions.  

Argentina is place of peace, bi-oceanic, without racial problems. We can be the axis of a world democracy. – Elisa Carrio Lilita (@elisacarrio) 4 September 2018 «La Argentina had moments that did well and moments of crisis. The problem is having recurrent crises. It has deep crises and is because there is no institutional framework. Chile and Uruguay have institutions. And until Brazil has more institutional structure than us», stressed in statements to Radio Milenium.

Institutionality «is to make that you last what you think is good. Respect for the law is the institutional system», he explained.

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