translated from Spanish: Hugo Gutiérrez will ask prosecutors to investigate secret recordings of Piñera «LAN case»

during this day Deputy Hugo Gutiérrez announced, through their social networks, that will make the formal request to the Prosecutor’s Office to be in vestigue the possible Commission of crimes by the President Sebastián Piñera in the so-called «LAN case». Particularly Gutierrez wrote on Twitter that «I will be asking (Jorge Abbott) national prosecutor that he instructed investigation of acts reported by Fco Armanet». These statements are given within the framework of the information that shook this week, when it unveiled the existence of secret recordings that would confirm that, the year 2006, the President today had access to privileged information and that, despite to be warned that use it constituted an irregular performance, anyway, he decided to buy shares of the airline. In an interview with CNN Chile Francisco Armanet, the former general manager of BanChile, said that «these recordings actually exist, I, have them but these recordings never nobody has heard them and ever going to listen until the Supreme Court asks it to me, if I» He calls it’. He added that «I prefer to book me with that information. I prefer to protect and strengthen the presidential role».

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