translated from Spanish: Mocorito confirms his attendance at the national fair of magical towns

Mocorito, Sinaloa-Lily Lopez Lopez, Director of tourism, said that unfortunately last year could do you that by reasons of force majeure that emerged from last-minute, but in This edition Yes will participate in the national fair of magical towns, big event that will be held in Morelia, Michoacán from 11 to 14 October. 

Lily López López, Director of tourism / photography: the DEBATE read also: relief of the Evora bodies join forces an emergency Quimicaen contingent that is ready to make the trip highlights own tourism Director and his assistant, Mariela Tenorio. Also Enrique Pérezrubio (President of the magical village Committee), Antonio Gutiérrez (Councillor) and craftsman Ezequiel Angulo.

Plazuela Miguel Hidalgo / photography: the DEBATE read also: you need to have a center of climate monitoring; ensures protection CivilEn this fair, Mocorito will exhibit its gastronomy, history, customs and tourist sites. It is worth mentioning that tips from other villages, which can be applied in this municipality will be taken.

Square the big three of Mocorito / photography: the DEBATE on this note: trade show Mocorito national peoples magical assistance

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