translated from Spanish: National Highway workers on alert and mobilization after a wage offer from the 6.5%

annual inflation scheduled for 2018 is located between 30% and 35%. However, they offered to workers of the Dirección Nacional de Vialidad (DNV) a wage hike of 6.5% a proposal that qualified as a “provocation”, after which claim to feel “discriminated against”.

For this reason, from the Trade Union of workers vials and Allied Workers of the Argentina (STVyARA) they declared in a State of Permanent Assembly, alert and mobilization.

“After six months of negotiation we receive from the Administration a real wage proposal for 6.5% of the net income of the workers, which is a mockery and an absolute provocation”, said the Deputy Secretary of the Union, Graciela Aleñá, in a statement.

The flamboyant representative of Guild – elected on 7 September – ratified the “State of alert, Permanent Assembly and mobilization” of employees grouped in STVyARA and denounce bad predisposition by the authorities to reach an ac uerdo, in addition to adjustments in the sector.

“We are discriminated against to the public announcements of much higher elsewhere in the State increases. Accepting it would cause us loss greater than 40% of the purchasing power of the vials according to the most optimistic expectations on inflation”, questioned Alena.

Workers of #VialidadNacional after six months of negotiation have received administration a ‘real’ wage proposal of 6.5% of the net income of the workers. We declare a State of alert and mobilization and solved concrete measures of direct action – SOMOSVIALES (@somosstv) 5 September 2018Y added: “there is no doubt an attitude of bad faith and devoid of any effort to to the” reach an agreement. Road workers have been suffering the systematic plan of dismissals, the outsourcing of our functions and now also offers wage of misery for those who stayed”. Finally, the trade unionist said, with these maneuvers, “they want to close national roads and deliver it to the PPP”, in reference to projects of public-private participation.

Road workers and Allied Workers of Argentina Union joint national roads raise salary


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