translated from Spanish: They found the corpse of a newborn inside a bag in Puebla

home Mexico found the corpse of a newborn inside a bag in Puebla photography / Internet Puebla-neighbors of the colony reform South, in the city of Puebla, they found the body of a newborn baby wrapped in cloth and into a bag. According to the interviews, would have 40 weeks of gestation.
Find a woman made them on Saturday, minutes after 13:00 when realized that stray dogs olfateaban a black bag, which was Esteban de Antuñano in the 59th Street South, between Prolongacion Reforma and Boulevard.
The woman identified a head out of the bag, came and confirmed that it was a fully formed baby; still had the placenta and the umbilical cord tangled.
He immediately gave notice to officers of Municipal transit passing through the place, who hiding area and requested support from paramedics and municipal police to attend to the baby.
Doctors reported that he was a newborn baby of approximately 40 weeks of gestation. No injuries were identified at a glance. Although it is possible a fetal death or during childbirth, will be the forensic medical service who determine the causes of death.
Information: Heraldo de Mexico

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