translated from Spanish: They shoot border patrol agent from Mexican side

San Diego-an agent of the border patrol was attacked today by bullets from the Mexican side while he watched an official vehicle inside close to the dividing screen between San Diego, California and Tijuana (Mexico). 

According to Efe confirmed members of this dependence, the incident happened early on Sunday, when the patrol in which the officer was was attacked with bullets for reasons unknown so far. 

Illustrative photo / file subject, identified as Sergio, alias «The Czech», 35 years old and originally from Morelos, is arrested and under custody of Mexican authorities, while agent emerged unharmed from the attack. Once occurred the incident, border patrol notified the authorities of the neighbouring country, who then arrested two people, one of them in possession of a 9 mm firearm supplied nine useful cartridges. 

Picture AFP the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) went to the site and is investigating the crime. In this note: United States border patrol shooting

Original source in Spanish

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