translated from Spanish: Truck strikes motorcyclist in Zamora, Michoacán

home safety truck strikes motorcyclist in Zamora, Michoacán Zamora, Michoacan.-a motorcyclist ended up hospitalized once a van embistiera it in the Cen TRO in the municipality of Zamora.
According to sources close to the case, the injured party is Alfonso 53 years of age, neighbor of the area in which the accident, who went through the intersection of streets 5 de Mayo and Ocampo on board a Yamaha Crypton type , red with black and plates of circulation of Michoacan, when rammed it a pickup truck Chevrolet Tahoe, grey color, with enrollment of Michoacán.
After the incident, the police and Municipal transit who streamlined the roads and erected the corresponding expertise, while technicians in emergency medical rescue and rescue provided pre-hospital medical care to Alfonso who required to be transferred to the area of emergency of the local clinic of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).
The units involved in the accident were insured as well as the driver of the truck who the generals, are unknown, while their legal status is defined and responsibilities are determined.

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