translated from Spanish: Arrested in Avellaneda for five bricks of cocaine in the wheel of the truck

staff of the police of the province of Buenos Aires, arrested a subject in the city of Avellaneda, who had been in his van 7 kilos of cocaine they were hidden in the wheel and moved them to the seaside resort of Mar del Plata.

The procedure was performed by members of the delegation of investigations of trafficking of illicit drugs and organized crime local, as a result of a call through 0800, where are reported the facts of drug trafficking.

The warning given by an anonymous call stating that a house located between the streets of Zeballos and Iriarte was a subject by manipulating a few packages with appearance of breads of drug in the back of a white Toyota pickup truck, was the reason for that quickly police personnel begin the operation, when its occupant moved on streets Ocanto corner Zevallos of Avellaneda.

Photo: Security PolicialesUna arrested after the driver, proceeded to the vehicle inspection was found where a relief rubber inside 5 compact bricks of cocaine (2 in yellow and 3 blue wrappers) which threw a weighing 7 pounds and were printed on one side with the legend «Offer», which had as their target the city of Mar del Plata.

From the operational deployed until the early morning hours, police raided the homes where he was to be deposited in the drug, and discovered that they possessed several security cameras and control entry.

Photo: Security PolicialesCabe mention that the tool that residents have for joining the war against drug trafficking is the 0800 222-7060 which was put into operation in 2016 by the Ministry of security of the province of Buenos Aires, and was the trigger which is activated to operate jointly a neighbor, justice and the police.

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