translated from Spanish: Asesinan a 72 year old man in the town of Teremendo Jasso, Morelia

home security kill a 72 year old man in the village of Teremendo Jasso, Morelia Morelia, Michoacan.-the staff of the specialized unit in the Scene of the crime (UEEC) went to the town of Teremendo Jasso, belonging to the region of Morelia, place where a 72-year-old man was gunned down at the entrance of his home.
Data obtained in the site allowed us to know that today extinct he answered to the name of Arnulfo U., who appreciated lesions of firearm in the head and chest, also on the ground had bullet caps, apparently of the caliber.9 mm.
It transpired that he was a relative of the aggrieved who found him about 23:05 hours on Sunday and then warned the emergency number 911 to ask for help.
Municipal police went to the site and cordoned it off after confirm the death of commented inhabitant, then reported the case to the General Prosecutor of Justice (PGJ).
It was thus that the first investigations of the killing made them experts of the UEEC, who then took the body to the facilities of the forensic medical service for the practice of the necropsy of rigor. The motive for the attack is ignored.

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