translated from Spanish: Asesinan a passerby in the Centre of Zacapu, Michoacán

home security killed passersby in the center of Zacapu, Michoacán Zacapu, Michoacan.-when transited among on streets of Zacapu Cologne, a passerby was attacked with a firearm and died immediately, while the assailant escaped. He was unofficially known that police caught a subject possibly implicated in the killing.
At approximately 04:30 hours on the previous Sunday was recorded crime; the corpse was left at the corner of 5 de Febrero Street and Avenida Juárez. People who heard the blasts and saw the deceased warned the emergency number 911, according to the information obtained on the site of the incident.

Patrol of the Michoacan police quickly made an operation to search for the attacker, it was then that intercepted a suspect in the Plaza de Santa Cecilia, who was retained to check whether it has or not related to the murder.
Law enforcement officials indicated that the identity of the deceased, who was a impact of bullet in the ribs ignored. The physical characteristics of the victim were not described by the uniformed, they cordoned off the place of happening and requested the presence of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice, which then made the appropriate inquiries.
Some onlookers said that moments before the shooting the now aggrieved had left a bar. The Ministerial police continued the investigation of the case to resolve it and some criminal justice experts sent the dead to the morgue.

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