translated from Spanish: Avril Lavigne wrote an emotional letter to his fans on the occasion of his return after his illness

Avril Lavigne announced Thursday, 6 September, a new song after five years.

The star of the pop punk was very sick with Lyme, and even feared him to death. The disease is an infection transmitted by the bite of a tick that has bacteria in the form of spiral called Borrelia Burgdorferi.

It can infect many organs of the human body, and produces a comprehensive set of symptoms that if not treated on time can cause sharp pains, facial paralysis and even death.

In a letter to fans on his web site, he said that the song, «Head Above Water», reflected their struggle and that she wrote it while she lay incapacitated on his couch.

«I accepted death and I could feel my body was closed. I felt as if I were drowning. As if it was by diving into the water and just had to go out to get some air. As if it were a river dragged by the current», he wrote.

«I could make that fight music which I am very proud.» However, the 33-year-old singer, said he wanted to raise awareness about Lyme disease.

Avril Lavigne lyme disease

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