translated from Spanish: Born the classist Central of workers, the alternative dissident of the CUT

to early September, began the founding Congress of the Central classist of male and female workers (CCTT), a new instance of the Union which was born as an alternative to institutionalized spaces, among them, the single Confederation of workers (CUT), the autonomous Central of workers (CAT) and the Union of Workers (UNT).
The new plant brings together 250 trade unions of workers, including organizations of public officials, in the world of education and private companies. According to its President, Manuel Ahumada, leader of the gastronomic area and helmsman of the National Confederation of workers (CNT), the Central classist has about 20 thousand members and is born of a process which started nearly three years ago, «a group of organizations that we come together to talk with the conviction that workers are a class of abused and may not deliver their aspirations and demands»to organizations that have been questioned.
Ahumada explains that «we have nothing against stations that exist» and are not an «alternative to the CUT. We are a trade union organization which makes class trade unionism», although he stressed that the problems in the central chaired by Barbara Figueroa (PC), including cases of»electoral fraud», led to the emergence of an alternative. «This crisis gave us one more reason in this exercise,» highlights the leader.
The central will be not registered in the registry of the Directorate of labour. In this regard, point out that «we won’t be an instrument that is order by the standards of the State» and that will not receive allocations set out in the latest labor reform. Ahumada details that the new plant will be financed through monthly payment of its members and that it will ensure to maintain independence from the traditional political parties.
In the CCTT defined as anti-capitalist and stand out among their main objectives achieving a «vital wages» of at least 500 thousand pesos, an amount «that just includes values that allow live» and wage equality between genders. Also mandatory bonus payment for transportation and lunch, which stops the discount workers to the unemployment insurance, the right to work of the immigrants, the full right to strike and negotiation by branch, as well as the end of the AFP system.
Trade unions associated with the CCTT are those who in recent years have called to the classist March on May 1, the so-called «parallel to the CUT March».

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