translated from Spanish: Cabin staff and fishery reached a joint agreement: how much will the increase be?

estimated for 2018 annual inflation is around 40%, very isolated from the inflationary goal of 15% that the administration of Mauricio Macri knew how to wield as its political bastion from 2017. In this context, two important guilds managed a satisfactory joint agreement.

It is the Union of the United maritime workers (SOMU) and the Asociación Argentina de Aeronavegantes (AAA) after arduous negotiations, and this Monday, September 10 came to an arrangement with the respective authorities.

In the first case, was achieved a recomposition of the basic of 117%, retroactive salary April 1 past, representing a credit of $10,300 for the sailor’s plant, as well as respective increases for the remaining conventional categories for fishing.

The fishing Guild wages remained frozen since 2015 and were just now updated under the agreement with the Patagonian Argentina Chamber of Industrias Pesqueras (CAPIP) and the Chamber of shipping of fisheries and freezers of the Argentina (CAPeCA).

«Despite the obstacles, we have managed to agree, in a historic event for the fishing industry. «Need more, but we took an important step as a result of the unity, solidarity and struggle of workers in the fisheries», said Raul Durdos, Secretary general of SOMU. On the other hand, they got the go-ahead to increase the value of productions.

Meanwhile, in the cabin staff sector managed an annualised total wage increase of 42.81%, corresponding to the last joint section of 2018, for American Airlines cabin crew.

«We are proud to have again reached a successful agreement for our members, in an economic context that we know is very unfavorable,» said Juan Pablo Brey the holder of the Guild in a press statement released through their networks.

This Pact provides for a revision clause «so that the salary of American crew members will adjust to year according to official inflation». Thus, cabin staff positioned once again to the top of the salary rankings.

SOMU fisheries joint cabin staff agreement

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