translated from Spanish: Chamber of Commerce called on tenants to comply with regulations and respect indispensable holydays holidays

approaching Fiestas Patrias and thereby the National Chamber of Commerce, services and tourism (CNC) delivered the deta lles on rules that will have to meet the owners of premises from 17 to 19 September. While on Monday there will be a running with relative normality, Tuesday and Wednesday are indispensable holidays for workers. As every year, the law establishes that workers should begin your rest at 9 p.m. before a holiday. While the exceptions will be businessmen attended by its owners and businesses linked to the entertainment, as the casino, clubs and restaurants. According to President of the CNC to Emol, Manuel Melero, he said it is necessary to apply the law and achieve a few celebrations smoothly for all. «We call the companies that respect the rules, handing facilities to their workers so that they can celebrate these holidays in family, such as the vast majority of Chileans will. (…) Comply with the rule not will be presented to fines», he added. And is that those who do not meet the standard must pay fines ranging from the UTM 5 to 20 depending on the number of workers employed by the employer. On the other hand, Melero urged the trade to buy their products in advance, in order to avoid jams in supermarkets and shops.

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