translated from Spanish: Complete success: Paulo sum Londra a new date to its show at the Grand Rex

Paulo Londra is 20 years, the most listened Argentinian artist on Spotify and their videos accumulate millions of views on Youtube.

Admired and followed by the likes of J Balvin, Londra exhausted three functions in the Teatro Gran Rex in record time, by adding a fourth on October 12. Tickets for this new feature at the Gran Rex are on sale from Wednesday, September 5 at 10 pm.

Londra is a sub-20 which shines in the hottest genre of the time.

Tour will October 5 through Córdoba (Quality space), October 6, Rosario (Broadway Theatre) and on 21 October in Santiago de Chile (Teatro Caupolicán).

his latest single, «Girl in the Paranormal», brings accumulated more than 23 million plays on spotify and more than 55 million views on Youtube.  This trap Paulo Londra singing to a girl who falls in love but at the same time is dangerous. 

Their last collaboration was with Becky G where joined to launch «When you kiss» a song that promises to be the hit of the summer and that leads in less than a month 28 million views on Spotify and more than 86 million plays on Youtube.

formed at the battles of freestyle in the squares, where he won confidence and followers, at the beginning of last year recorded her first song, «Relax», which became an immediate hit: catchy and relaxed, the subject shows a grateful artist with its present and its reality. Today more than 34 million views.

Last October, thanks to the management of a popular Colombian youtuber who is a fan of his music, Londra traveled the coffee country to work with Ovy on the drums, a trap emerging producer.

Paulo Londra | Photo: First InstagramEl a result of this collaboration was «Condemned for the million», which has more than 107 million views on Vevo; «Nena curse» and their biggest hit so far with 363 million plays.  He has also collaborated with the Colombian group floor 21 in «I love you» video that exceeds the 383 billion reproductions.

The single «Tell me» it positioned first in the lists for several days and has been harvested, to just three months of its launch, more than 119 million views in Youtube.LEONES with FLOW TOUR28 of September | TEATRO GRAN REX | AGOTADO30 OF SEPTEMBER | TEATRO GRAN REX | AGOTADO12 OF OCTOBER | TEATRO GRAN REX | NEW OCTOBER FUNCION13 | TEATRO GRAN REX | AGOTADO5 OF OCTOBER | QUALITY SPACE | CORDOBA | AGOTADO6 OF OCTOBER | BROADWAY THEATRE | ROSARIO21 OF OCTOBER | CAUPOLICÁN | SANTIAGO DE CHILE lions with flow tour paulo londra Gran Rex

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