translated from Spanish: Diego Maradona: “take this responsibility as who has a child in her arms”

“I came to work, I came out of my heart,” so Diego Maradona defined his new period in Mexico. Several journalists and in the eyes of the world, the soccer star gave his first statements as technical director for Dorados de Sinaloa.

“I assume this responsibility as who has a child in her arms. “Thanks for thinking on my (…) I think be much time here”, said with confidence.

Then, added details about how will be your work in Mexican club: “we are going to go looking for parties, I do not like to defend (…)” Each ball is ours, is locked with the head”.

Finally, said: “I am in the best time of my life” and that the parties will earn “in the field”, as well as the sacrifice that will take place during the week.

The truth is that the arrival of Maradona generated fury in advance: before the press conference, had already prepared the marketing of the area and began selling t-shirts with “10”.

Original source in Spanish

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