translated from Spanish: Enel reported contingency plan for commemoration of September 11

Enel electricity distribution company, reported that it activated a contingency plan before the September 11 commemoration, which began to operate the lune s and will be until the day Wednesday 12. measures is the increase in the number of technical and human resources to mitigate the effects of any acts of vandalism against electricity grids. Distribution through patrols will be also monitored and security actions were activated to protect the company’s facilities. The company warned gangs in land will not act in so far as their safety may be compromised, but will remain in the affected area, in order to start the work as soon as possible demonstrations culminate. Attention, including channels also reported the application «Enel customers Chile» available for mobile phones; a number of emergency and attention by digital pathways such as the company’s web site or your accounts in social networks (Facebook and Twitter). The company also referred to measures relating to electrodependientes people and reported that it has 400 generators for the attention of priority cases, which are assigned to households registered as electrodependientes. They also said from the company, additional equipment were distributed to communes that are part of its concession area and he contacted people electrodependientes of areas living in communities where there have been acts of vandalism in the past, for offer an early installation of generators.  

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