translated from Spanish: Government after disapproval in Cadem: “Is a wake up call for everyone, not just some”

Government, Cecilia Pérez, spokeswoman referred to the results of Cadem survey, which showed that disapproval of the President Sebastián Piñera first overtook his level of approval.also readdisapproval to the Government Piñera exceeds for the first time their level of approval “beyond polls, the commitment of President Piñera is one, working every day with effort, with a sense of urgency, to cause the” changes that families need, Chileans and that priorities are working,”he said. Line followed, the Minister commented that “no doubt it can also be a wake up call for all, not just for some. Politicians, in each of the areas studied, citizens have one greater disapproval, fall political opposition forces, and that brings us to confirm that Chileans what they want are agreements and the last few weeks what has prevailed is the conflict and when We reached agreement, like the minimum wage, the beneficiaries are Chileans”. In this regard, the spokesman said that “the way that citizens point to all political players is clear: less conflict, more dialogue, more respect, looking for the solution to the problems that today the Chileans have”.

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