translated from Spanish: «I give you freedom»: the video that systematic rape is reminiscent of human rights during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet

A Maria Estela Ortiz not you they allowed to pass out of a flower in an act of protest by the disappearance and subsequent murder of the sociologist of the Vicaría de la Solidaridad, who appeared five days after being kidnapped at the end of March, 1985, by agents of the Directorate of communications of Police (DICOMCAR), enroute to Quilicura to the farm «El Retiro», and near the airport Pudahuel, next to Santiago Nattino, a painter and supporter of the Guild Association of educators of Chile (AGECH) and Manuel Guerrero, Professor and leader of the AGECH.
The killing of these professionals is what is known as «Degollados case», which consisted of the abduction and murder of three members of the Communist Party of Chile, perpetrated by the police towards the end of the military dictatorship of general Augusto Pinochet.
This crime caused a deep impact both nationally and internationally, resulting in an extensive judicial investigation that finally, thanks to the Rettig Commission (1991) came to the conviction that three workers were tortured and beheaded by agents State due to his membership in the Communist Party and the activities that were in opposition to the military regime.
The monument called «A place for the memory of Nattino, stop and warrior» or better known as «The chairs», which the artist Jorge Lankin was carried out by two architects, Rodrigo Mora, and Angel Munoz more opened in March 2006.


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