translated from Spanish: Identified in 2 years 9% of bodies in mass graves of Veracruz

of the 339 bodies that have been found in two years in the hills of Santa Fe and tree, two of the largest clandestine mass graves discovered in Veracruz, State and federal authorities of research action have been identified with name and surname to 32 people; 9.4% of the total.
Fossa where more skulls have been exhumed to date is in the hills of Santa Fe, a property located a few kilometers from the port of Veracruz who, according to police investigations, was used by organized crime as a ‘particular cemetery’.
This pit was discovered in 2016 Sun collective, a group of women who are looking for their loved ones missing, received an anonymous map with information about the place and began to dig at the site. According to official data provided to political Animal by the Federal Police and the Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office in the uncovered graves have been found 292 skulls, which are have been fully identified 16 people.
In March 2017 another clandestine mass grave find took place in the town of tree, in the coastal town of Alvarado, located about 70 kilometres from the port. So far, 47 skulls have been exhumed and identified 16 others, according to official figures.
32 identified skulls, 18 were already handed over to family members; a procedure that is done in collaboration with the State Prosecutor and staff of the Commission on human rights in accordance with the Federal Police. In other cases, families have been unwilling to receive them until you have the complete bodies of the victims.
Given these results, collective Sun criticized the performance of the Prosecutor’s office in the full identification of the victims of enforced disappearance.
Lucy Díaz, spokeswoman for the Group and mother of a young man of 29 years who disappeared in the port of Veracruz, said that ‘The Sun’ has found 295 people in the hills of Santa Fe, and another 20 that the Brigade of the collective in Cordoba found in wells in the village of Omea ACL; a highly controversial area by the clashes of organized crime groups, which compete for the illegal extraction of fuels in the area.
«In total, van found 315 people.» And that universe, 15 solo have been identified. A figure well below 10%, which tells us that the prosecution does not advance in the identification of victims», said Diaz in interview, in which he also criticized»hermetism»research unit.
«Do not tell us, for example, many of the bodies found in hills are women, how many men or ages. It is information that is not so difficult for anthropologists, but they don’t tell us anything», said Diaz.
Need more DNA testing to family members over the slow identification of persons buried illegally, Veracruz and federal officials consulted hereby explained that they are genetically identified – with a defined DNA profile – more than 90% of 339 skulls rescued in both properties.
However, for the name of the victims is required to obtain a match with the DNA of another person, for example, a direct relative. And this, after the comparison made by the Federal Police of the DNA of the victims exhumed with the DNA of relatives, took place only positively in 32 cases.
«We need to bring more people who have missing relatives closer to Veracruz or federal authorities to ask that their DNA is collected because, in all the cases mentioned were already made crossings with profiles of family groups and others «parts of the country, and only there has been correspondence in 32 cases so far», said a federal official.
Sources from the Prosecutor’s Office of Veracruz pointed out that the basis of genetic data that have been used, they have been building in the past two years. They underlined that this is due to that the Administration State (Governor Javier Duarte) pass some samples were gathered, but most did not work and were useless.
In the hills of Santa Fe, the two first identified victims were Pedro Huesca Barradas, agent of the public prosecutor of 30 years old, and his private Secretary Gerardo Montiel. On April 15, 2013, both disappeared after being abducted in city Cardel, Veracruz, by members of organized crime. They were identified thanks to the fact that the plagiarios buried in the ‘clandestine cemetery’ with their credentials.
Here you can read the profile of the victims while that tree, in Alvarado, Veracruz prosecutor said she had «solid evidence» that among the 47 skulls exhumed and multiple remains are three members of the family Sánchez Pérez, originating from Querétaro, which were reported as missing in early September 2016.
Hills of Santa Fe is the clandestine Fossa of the presidential term of Peña Nieto, with 292 skulls exhumed so far, according to official figures. But certainly it is not the only one in Veracruz, entity that brigades activists and relatives of missing persons have reported on many occasions as «a mess of bodies».
Without going very far back in the archive, just last Thursday, September 6 Veracruz Prosecutor announced the discovery of another clandestine 32 mass graves and skulls 174 cemetery, although the Governor Miguel Angel Yunes warned in an interview with Radio network that the number You can increase.
So far, the prosecution only has pointed out that it is an area of about 300 square meters, difficult to access, and that it is located «in the Center» of Veracruz. In terms of how the pit, was discovered last Thursday Prosecutor Jorge Winckler explained that the venue was located at the beginning of August, thanks to the testimony of a person who pointed out the point where would have been buried illegally hundreds of people.
On 8 August they started research in the area, and a month later moved to human remains, which according to the first analysis have up to two years old.
«Revenge» this new finding was announced, as admitted the own Prosecutor, aside from the brigades of women and families who are looking for victims of enforced disappearance, which generated unrest and criticism of the Prosecutor’s Office, which they accused of acting «in bad faith» leaving them out of search efforts, as it is their right recognized in the Act of enforced disappearance, to present the discovery of the pit as a political achievement.
Collective Sun also Sharp-witted «haste» with which in the latter case the authorities exhumed 174 skulls in just a month, already determining even the age of the remains.
«We are concerned about the work so run that it is doing to the public prosecutor’s Office, said Lucy Diaz-.» For example: in the hills of Santa Fe when one pit has only six bodies, it takes a week to exhume because it must be done with extreme care. And if they are exhuming hundreds of bodies in a month, they may not be doing a good job.»
Another point that criticizes the collective is «hermetism» with which the Prosecutor’s Office has handled the last finding, refusing to pinpoint the location of the last pit, under the pretense of that doing so would put at risk the security of elements which work exhuming the bodies.
Marcela Zurita, a member of the brigade that ‘The Sun’ has in the central region of Cordoba, held that in that case the Prosecutor’s Office seeks to protect those who work in the pits, but charged that the treatment is not even with them.
«We are looking for without the support of the Prosecutor’s Office and without any security. In Omealca, for example, they might hurt us where it is, because they have already left us messages the huachicoleros», the activist said.
Lucy Díaz, even, went a step further, considering that the secrecy of the Prosecutor’s Office not due to security reasons, or to preserve research, but to a «revenge» of the investigation authorities, by the claims and the critical stance of the Group towards its work in these last two years.
«After losing the elections the bread (the party of the current Governor, Miguel Angel Yunes), came on us a revenge. Before they gave us a sad lunch, and now already removed it us. They also took us machinery that was to search for. It is a revenge – stressed the activist- and why we did not include in search of Fossa announced last Thursday».
Here check politician Animal documentary, ‘ graves of Santa Fe: looking for a son disappeared in Mexico’.

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