translated from Spanish: Injured at CU and their families give messages

relatives of two of the students who suffered serious injuries in the Ciudad Universitaria of the UNAM, on 3 September, by attacks on “porriles groups”, broadcast messages about what is your State health, and what they expect from the authorities.
Arturo Meza, father of Joel, said in an interview with Azucena Uresti, chain Radio Formula, the young recovering satisfactorily from surgery you had last Wednesday, and that his kidney is functioning “very acceptably”.
“The situation is very promising. Everything seems to be working very well”, said the father of the student of the Faculty of philosophy and letters.
The damsel’s father said that Joel still has not denounced or declared before the public prosecutor, because it is not yet in a position to do so, since it is still much fatigue.
In terms of the actions of the authorities, the PGR and the Attorney of the city of Mexico, Arturo Meza said that you trust in them, and also the rector, Enrique Graue, to make justice in the case, both by the aggression suffered by her son , as the rest of the students in University City.
Read: PGJ-CDMX obtained 15 arrest warrants against aggressors of CU; one was already arrested regarding another injured student, Emilio Alexander, of the national preparatory school No. 6, his family issued a statement.
Aristegui news site, said a copy of the message, where the young man stated the following, according to their families: “as what happened to me, so do not run no more”.
The situation of Emilio, explained her family, is “still delicate but stable”, although it has received prompt medical attention and “we expect and hope to soon leave the intensive care unit”.
In his message, they appreciated the support of the student community of the UNAM.
“We want to take the opportunity to make public our absolute rejection of any type of violence in any area, but particularly in the University and students,” expressed the relatives, in addition to demand justice for all the people who were attacked on September 3.

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