translated from Spanish: President of ENAP denied political pressure before the Chamber of deputies

the President of the directory of Enap, Loreto Silva, said this day, before the investigation Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, which delves into any irregularida des in investment and commercial actions of the State company, management is not influenced by political pressures. Silva, who was Minister of OO.PP. in the first Government of President Sebastián Piñera, told the parliamentarians that «ENAP is an autonomous State company, where your directory – from the President – acts within the framework of the law, in the form absolutely independent and autonomous».» ENAP is an autonomous company of the State, which has an own corporate governance, where all its management and Board acts in accordance with the law, which is what corresponds, defending the interests of the company,»said Silva.La President of the directory of the State He also said that the company will defend accusations that hold it responsible for the episode of environmental pollution. Silva avoided referring to the resignation of Gonzalo de la Carrera of the Vice-Presidency of the Enap Board, and said that «it is an issue that is due to its responsibility, is a personal decision»

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