translated from Spanish: Rafael Garay in scam trial hearing: «I do not I have looked for people who did not know»

this morning, Rafael Garay, reached the second Oral Court criminal de Santiago to testify amid the inve stigacion that keeps him as indicted for fraud against 29 people. At the hearing, engineer accused of fraud for $1,200 million pesos, explained his version of events for the fourth time, detailing the relationship with their former customers. «They are documents of the 30 days of each month, is the result.» In some cases transfer receiving so-called investment, then there is a document. «But that someone has asked me some detail of a company or a market specific or of a specific area, that never happened», said referring to the process carrying forward in the so-called investments. Thus, he insisted had a particularized or different model for each one of the people that got involved. Denying have also manipulated the affected, accusation made by the lawyer of one of the complainants of the cause.» I not can I have looked for people that I didn’t know and that they contacted me. If someone calls me or contact via a social network, and I have never seen or spoken to her, how was I going to contact a person. It caused me much noise and bitterness the comment from the lawyer», he added. Even he acknowledged have appointed people that did not have a business relationship with customers. At the same time detailing the existence of an office in Hong Kong from which some never asked him whether or not it was «virtual». «He even asked me the name of any company, never asked me a detail, never asked me absolutely no information of where I was pointing with these investments that I’ve recognized how fictitious», exemplified with one of the cases.

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